3-Jaw Chuck Type Internal Grinder

Model : HID4-SP

 Machine Features

Workpiece is clamped with a 4-inch-three-jaw chuck.
Workpiece diameter can be clamped ∅1-∅95mm.
X, Y axis feeds are manually operated.
The grinding wheel spindle running is controlled through a frequency inverter.
Variable speed change for the wheel spindle and the work spindle.
Double "V" slideways are hardened. Slidesurfaces are presicely ground, coated with Turcite-B and hand scraping.


3-Jaw Chuck Type Internal Grinder HID4-SP
Machine Details

 Control Panel


A centralized operation panel.


 Work Head


This machine employs a 4-inch-three-jaw chuck for clamping workpiece.
The entire work head can be swiveled in the range of 22.5° (single side) that makes the machine suitable for grinding internal taper of workpiece.
Work head spindle speed is variable 0-600 rpm.


Grinding Wheel Head


X axis travel is 90mm.
Y axis travel is 50mm.
Can install linear scale to have more accurate position, resolution of linear scale is 1um.
Grinding wheel spindle speed is 0~50,000 rpm.


 3-Jaw Chuck Type Internal Grinder HID4-SP

Model/ Spec. Unit HID4-SP
Clamping range of workpiece diameters mm ∅1-∅95
Range of grinding diameter mm ∅0.3-∅30
Travel X axis mm 90
Travel Y axis mm 50
Y axis feed per graduation mm 0.005
X、Y axes feed method -- Manually
X、Y axes feed rate -- Manually
Work Head
Work spindle speed (variable) rpm 0-600
work head swiveling angle deg. ±22.5°
work head servo motor W 400
Grinding Wheel Head
Grinding wheel motor HP 1
Grinding wheel spindle speed (variable) rpm 0-50000
Machine Measurement
Machine dimension (W*D*H) mm 900*1180*1520
Machine weight (approx.) kg 400



Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
Grinding Wheel Spindle 50,000 rpm Vacuum Cleaner
ER11 Nut Coolant Device
ER11 Collet (3、 6) Linear Scale (Two axes,1um)
45° Rotary Table (±22.5°) Grinding Bar
Working Light
Tool Box and Kit