Roller Type Internal Grinder

Model : H16-SP

 Machine Features

Workpiece is held by rollers.
X, Y axis feeds are manually operated.
The grinding wheel spindle running is controlled through a frequency inverter.
Variable speed change for the wheel spindle and the work spindle.
Double "V" slideways are hardened. Slide surfaces are precisely ground, coated with Turcite-B and hand scraping.


Roller Type Internal Grinder H16-SP
Machine Details

 Control Panel


A centralized operation panel.


 Work Head


The workpiece is held on the rollers and can be adjuste vertically to achieve an accurate alignment.
The entire work head can be swiveled in the range of ±5° that makes the machine suitable for grinding internal taper of workpiece.
Work head spindle is variable 0-380 rpm.


Griding Wheel Head


Grinding wheel head feeds through handle control.
Can install linear scale to have more accurate position, resolution of linear scale is 1um.
Grinding wheel spindle speed is 0~50,000 rpm.


 Roller Type Internal Grinder H16-SP

Model/ Spec. Unit H16-SP
Clamping range of workpiece diameters mm ∅1-∅25
Range of grinding diameter mm ∅1-∅19
Travel X axis mm 90
Travel Y axis mm 50
Y axis feed per graduation mm 0.005
X、Y axes feed method -- Manually
X、Y axes feed rate -- Manually
Work Head
Work spindle motor (variable) rpm 0-380
Work head swiveling spindle speed (variable) deg. ±5°
Work head Induction motor W 25
Grinding Wheel Head
Grinding wheel motor (variable) HP 1
Grinding wheel spindle speed (variable) rpm 0-50000
Machine Measurement
Machine dimension (W*D*H) mm 850*820*1640
Machine weight (approx.) kg 330



Standard Accessories Optional Accessoires
Grinding wheel spindle 50,000 rpm Vacuum Cleaner
ER11 Nut Coolant Device
ER11 Collet (3、 6) Linear Scale (Two axes,1um)
Working Light
45° Rotary Table (±22.5°)
Tool Box and Kit Grinding Bar 3030.6060