NC Tungsten Carbide Step-Tool Grinder (4.5HP)

Model : PTS-03

 Machine Features

Equipped with patented hopper type loading system.
Human-machine interfacing touch screen for easy operation.
Variable speed change for the wheel spindle and the work head spindle.
High efficiency and high cutting.

Workpiece diameter 10mm
Wheel ø125mm, feeding 0.2mm/sec.
Wheel ø150mm, feeding 0.25mm/sec.
Wheel ø170mm, feeding 0.3mm/sec.


NC Tungsten Carbide Step-Tool Grinder PTS-03
Machine Details

 NC Controller


The well-planned NC controller in combination with a colorful touch-screen makes the machine easy to learn and operate.

Probe Measurement Device


To measure length of tool to keep precision and stability.


▶ Twin Grinding Wheel Type





The machine is equipped with a swiss imported high precision collet chuck to fully eliminate workpiece runout problem while ensuring grinding accuracy.
Standard collet for ∅4, 6 each one.

Patented Hopper type Loading System

The exclusive designed automatic loading system fully eliminate parts blocking problem.
Workpiece diameters ∅4 / ∅6 (standard).




Hopper type loading system.
Hopper storage capacity ø4,450 PCS / ø6,300 PCS.




Buffering track and unloading box.




PLC System easy to learn and operate.
The program has wheel compensation function.
This program supports 1 - 6 steps straight feed, R & L cross feed, T-shaped tool, Micro-diameter step, etc.
From ∅4mm to 1mm rough grinding is around 10 - 15 sec. for one pce.


 NC Tungsten Carbide StepTool Grinder PTS-03

Model / Spec. Unit PTS-03
Clamping range of workpiece diameters mm ∅3-∅25
Range of grinding diameters mm ∅0.2-∅25
Travel X axis mm 300
Travel Y axis mm 250
X axis, Y axis feed servo motor W 850
Y axis feed per graduation mm 0.001
X、Y axis feed method - Auto
X、Y axis feed rate m/min 0-4
Least feed unit on X、Y axis  mm 0.001
Work Head Spindle
Work head spindle speed (variable) rpm 0-800
Work head spindle motor (servo motor) W 750
Grinding Wheel Spindle
Grinding wheel spindle speed (variable) rpm 0-6000
Grinding wheel spindle motor HP 4.5
Auto Loading Device
Workpiece diameters mm Min ø3 , Max ø12
Loading length mm L30-L120
Hopper capacity pcs ø4,450/ø6,300
Machine measurement
Machine dimention (W*D*H) mm 1850*1450*1700
Machine weight (approx.) kg 1500



  Standard Accessories   Optional Accessories
Fixture (small) Fire Extinguisher
Gyro of Work Spindle  Oil Mist Collector
Chuck of Work Spindle Roller of Hopper ø8 / ø10
MPG Hand Wheel Roller of Hopper ø3 / ø12
Belt of Work Spindle NANN High Precision Collet Base with Collets
Collet Base  
Fully Cover  
X Axis Cover  
Y Axis Cover  
Colorful Touch-Screen  
Automatic Lubricator  
Probe Measurement Device  
Roller of Hopper ø4 / ø6  
Working Light and Warning Light  
Belt of Wheel Spindle *1 Set (Total 2 pcs)  
Special Wheel Flange ø31.75
(Include spacer and nut)
SCHAUBLIN W25 Collet ø4 ø6 / each one   
Patented Hopper Type Loading System and Unloading  
Ground Spacer and Balance Adjusting Screw  
Tool Box and Kit (Hex wrench*1 set, open wrench*3,
wheel extractor*1, collet extractor*1, adjustable wrench*1)