NC Roller Type External Grinder

Model : NC-18

 Machine Feature

Workpiece is held by rollers.
X, Y axis feeds are automatically operated.
The grinding wheel spindle running is controlled through a servo motor.
Variable speed change for both wheel spindle and the work spindle
Double "V" slideways are hardened. Slide surfaces are precisely ground, coated with Turcite-B and hand scraping.


NC Roller Type External Grinder NC-18
Machine Details

 NC Control


Equipped with a NC controller in combination with the use of touch-screen permits easy operation.


 Work Head


The workpiece is held by rollers, the concentricity can be reached 5um
The entire work head can be swiveled in the range of ±5°
Grinding wheel spindle speed 0-12000 rpm


Machine Base


Rugged machine base structure to provide the best grinding stability.




The program is used PLC system to provide human interface for easy operation.
Three kinds of grinding graphics.
X axis and Y axis feed automatically through servo motor.


 MPG Hand Wheel


The MPG handwheel provides the micro adjustment of each axis.


 NC Roller Type External Grinder NC-18

Model/ Spec. Unit NC-18
Clamping range of workpiece diameters mm ∅1-∅25
Range of grinding diameter mm ∅0.3-∅25
Travel X axis mm 300
Travel Y axis mm 250
Y axis feed per graduation mm 0.001
X、Y axes feed method -- Auto
X、Y axes feed rate m/min 0-4
X、Y axes feed servo motor W 850
Work Head
Work head spindle speed (variable) rpm 0-380
Work head swiveling angle deg. ±5°
Work head induction motor W 25
Grinding Wheel Head
Grinding wheel specification mm ∅100*20T*25.4
Wheel head motor HP 1
Wheel spindle speed (variable)  rpm 0-12000
Machine Measurement
Machine dimension (W*D*H) mm 1340*1430*1600
Machine weight (approx.) kg 750



Standard Accessories Optional Accessoires
Wheel Flange ∅25.4mm Vacuum Cleaner
Flange Extractor Coolant Device
Flange Spacre (Think & Thin, one for each) 45° Rotary Table (±22.5°)
NC Color Touch Screen Roller Size
MPG Hand Wheel Roller Size 6T、8T、38T
Working Light Diamond/CBN Grinding Wheel
(Customized gridnign wheel is available)
Tool Box and Kit Fully Enclosure Splash Guard
Semi-Full Splash Guard