Centerless Grinding Machine (Economy)

Model : P-12/ P-18/ P-20

 Machine Features

Rugged machine structure assures maximum stability during grinding.
Achieving high accuracy requirements for all kinds of workpiece.
Regulating wheel is controlled by gear box.
Suitable for thrufeed and infeed grinding, and provide total solution against customer's requirement.
Customized automation to provide grinding efficiency.


Centerless Grinding Machine P-12/ P-18/ P-20
Machine Details

 Grinding Wheel Spindle / Regulating Wheel Spindle


Both of spindles are using alloy bearings.


 Dressing Slide


Dressing slides is made of cast iron and normalized then precisely ground with hand scraping.



Dressing device.


 Centerless Grinding Machine P-12/ P-18/ P-20

Model / Specification Unit P-12 P-18 P-20
Grinding range (Dia.) mm ∅1-∅30 ∅2-∅50 ∅2-∅50
Grinding wheel size (Dia.*W*H) mm 305*150*120 455*205*228.6 510*205*304.8
Regulating wheel size (Dia.*W*H) mm 205*150*90 255*205*111.2 305*205*127
Grinding wheel speed rpm 2000 1500 1350
Regulating wheel speed (gear box) rpm 21-300 (7 Steps) 21-308 (10 Steps) 21-308 (10 Steps)
Grinding wheel motor HP 10 15 20
Regulating wheel motor HP 1 2 3
Hydraulic pump HP 1 1 1
Coolant pump HP 1/8 1/4 1/4
Upper slide feed graduation mm 0.05 0.05 0.05
Upper slide min. feed graduation mm 0.001 0.001 0.001
Lower slide feed graduation mm 0.05 0.05 0.05
Lower slide min. feed graduation mm 0.001 0.001 0.001
Dressing device graduation mm 0.01 0.01 0.01
Regulating wheel tile angle deg. ±5° ±5° ±5°
Regulating wheel swivel angle deg. ±5° ±5° ±5°
Machine Measurement    
Machine dimension (W*D*H) mm 1900*1550*1420 2450*2050*1600 2650*2150*1600
Machine weight (approx.) kg 1550 3200 4000



Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
Regulating Wheel and Flange *1 set Wheel Balancing Stand & Arbor
Grinding Wheel and Flange *1 set Paper Filter
Flange Extractor *1 pce Magnetic Coolant Separator
Diamond Tool *1 pce Hydrocyclone Coolant Separator
Hydraulic Tank *1 set Oil Mist Separator
Coolant System *1 set Supporter for Long Bar Grinding
Oil Cooling Fan *1 set Automatic Loading Attachment for Infeed Grinding
Thrufeed Work Rest and Carbide Blade *1 set Automatic Unloading Attachment for Infeed Grinding
Working Light *1 set Automatic Loading Attachment for Thrufeed Grinding (Hopper Type)
Tool Box and Kit *1 set Automatic Loading Attachment for Thrufeed Grinding (Vibratory Feeder)
  Automatic Loading Attachment for Thrufeed Grinding (Magazine Type)
  Unloading Attachment for Thrufeed Grinding