3-Jaw Chuck Polishing Machine

Model : H11-S

 Machine Features

Simplified structure.
Easy operation.
Chuck rotation can be clockwise and counterclockwise direction.
The 3-Jaw chuck can be equipped with 4", 5", 6" for selection.


3-Jaw Chuck Polishing Machine H11-S
Machine Details



Chuck rotation can be clockwise and counterclockwise direction.
Interchangeable utilization of internal and external hard jaws.
Gripping Force (kgf): 4"= 1200; 5"= 1500; 6"= 2200.
The body of chuck is made of MEEHANITE. It is suitably used for high speed revolution and three times more durable than regular material.


 Control Panel


A centralized operation panel.
Equipped with a variable speed regulation knob for chuck spindle.




Chuck spindle is controlled through inverter (SHIHLIN ELECTRIC) to provide infinity speed.


 Safety Stop


Once the foot pedal switch is treadled the chuck spindle stops immediately.


 Handle Safety Device


Once the handle takes out, the machine stops.


 3-Jaw Chuck Polishing Machine H11-S

Model/ Spec. Unit H11-S4 H11-S5 H11-S6
Chuck diameter inch 4" 5" 6"
Workpiece clamping capacity mm ∅1-∅95 ∅1-∅125 ∅1-∅150
Chuck spindle speed rpm 0-3600 0-2000 0-1500
Chuck spindle motor HP 1 1 1
Machine Measurement
Machine dimension (W*D*H) mm 800*800*1100
Machine weight (approx.) kg 250 250 300
Packing Measurement
Dimension (W*D*H) mm 950*950*1400
Weight for pallet packing kg 300 300 350
Weight for crate packing kg 440 440 490



Standard Accessories
Safety Stop Foot Pedal
Working Light
Wrench for 3-Jaw Chuck