Carbide Chamfering Machine

Model : PTC-36

▶ Machine Features

Specialized in machining workpieces in tungsten carbide.
Provide NC machine (PAC-12) and conventional machine (PTC-36).


Carbide Chamfering Machine PTC-36
Machine Details


 Carbide Chamfering Machine PTC-36

The machine is multi-function, it can make various processes with different formed grinding wheels.
Simple constructure, easy to maintain and operate.
Small dimensions to save space.
High efficiency, raise the productiveness and save processing time.
High stability to improve quality.
The machine has optional device of collector to reduce workpiece-arrangement process.
The machine is equipped with an manual lubricator for slideways lubrication.
Utilize hydrophilic cutting oil for coolant grinding process.
Suitable for tungsten carbide drill, miling, to grind the OD and chamfering.
Cycle time is approximate 6-12 sec./ peice.


 Carbide Chamfering PTC-36

Model/ Spec. Unit PTC-36
Tool bar length mm L38-50 (Customized for requirement)
Grinding diameters mm ∅3-∅6
Travel X axis mm 150 (Adjusting by hand wheel)
Travel Y axis mm 20 (Adjusting by hand wheel)
Wheel dimensions (D*W*H) mm ∅200*20*60
Grinding wheel motor HP 3
Loading capacity -- Max L70, ∅3-∅6 available for 500 pcs
Storage capacity -- Max L200, ∅3-∅6 available for 100 pcs
Voltage V 3P/ 220
Machine Measurement
Machine dimension (W*D*H) mm 880*750*1350



Standard Accessories
Workpiece Plate
Supporting Plate
Manual Lubricator
Grinding Wheel (∅200*20*∅60mm)