NC Automatic Carbide Tool Cutting Machine

Model : PTC-16

 Machine Features.

Auto loading system.
Human-machine interfacing touch screen for easy operation.
Feeding system by servo motor.
Accuracy of cutting length achieves ±0.05mm.


NC Automatic Carbide Tool Cutting Machine PTC-16
Machine Details

 Main Program


The program is easy for operating.



Guided program, it can make tecnicians to contrast grinding details while setting.


 Patented Hopper Type Loading System


Front-sensor for various cutting lentgh requirements.



The program has auto. wheel feeding compensation for worn wheels by sensoring the amount of completed workpieces.



Buffering storage of workpiece.



Workpiece slideway for setting length by sensor.


 NC Automatic Carbide Tool Cutting Machine PTC-16

Model/ Spec. Unit PTC-16
Clamping range of workpiece diamters mm ∅1-∅12
Clamping range of workpiece length mm 20-330
Grindign wheel mm 205*31.75
Grinding wheel spindle speed rpm 3600
Grindign wheel head motor HP 2
Cycle time sec ∅12mm/ 20
Machine Measurement
Machine dimension (W*D*L) mm 1904*1154*1659
Machine weight (approx.) kg 700