3-Jaw Chuck Type NC Internal Grinder (6", MP)

Model : NC-150plus/ NC-150Lplus

 Machine Features

Equipped with a NC controller in combination with the use of 10" touch-screen permits easy operation.
C axes is available to install on, improves grinding diversity.
Utilize MP software which is capable of memorizing 20 workpiece graphics and 20 grinding parameter combinations for each graphics with various dimensions.
Workpiece is clamped securely by a 3-jaw chuck that allows rapid feeding.
Rugged machine structure assures maximum stability during grinding.
X,Y axis automatic feeds are driven by individual servo motors.
Variable speed change for both the wheel spindle and the workhead spindle.
High wheel speed significantly increases machining efficiency and improves surface finish.
Double "V" slideways are hardened. Slides surfaces are precisely ground, coated with Turcite-B and hand scraping.
Three-Color warning lamp indicates the current operation condition.
Three-Jaw Chuck 6" wheel spindle 10000/ 30000/ 50000 rpm.


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 3-Jaw Chuck Type NC Internal Grinder NC-150plus

Model/ Spec. Unit NC-150plus NC-150L plus
Clamping range of workpiece diameters mm ∅3-∅150 ∅3-∅150
Range of grinding diameter mm ∅1-∅45 ∅1-∅45
Travel X axis mm 300 500
Travel Y axis mm 250 250
Min. feed unit  X axis mm 0.001 0.001
Min. feed unit Y axis mm 0.001 0.001
Feed rate X axis m/min 0-4 0-4
Feed rate Y axis m/min 0-4 0-4
Work spindle speed (variable) rpm 0-800 0-800
Work head swiveling angle deg. ±22.5° ±22.5°
Wheel spindle speed (variable) rpm 0-10000 0-10000
Work head spindle servo motor W 750 750
Wheel head motor HP 1 1
Feed servo motor X axis W 850 850
Feed servo motor Y axis W 850 850
Machine Measurement  
Machine dimension (W*D*H) mm 1210*1600*1700 N/A
Machine weight (approx.) kg 1500 N/A



Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
Grinding Wheel Spindle 10,000 rpm
(with collect connecting rod)
Fully Cover
ER11 Nut Coolant Device
ER11 Collet (3、 6)   
Working Light  
Air Blast Device (for Dry Grinding)  
Half Cover  
45° Rotary Table (±22.5°)  
Tool Box and Kit